paint problems - chalking

Paint Problems – Chalking

What is chalking?

Chalking is when a fine, white powder begins to form on the exterior paint surface.   This is often caused by weathering and may seem as if the exterior paint color is fading.  Some chalk is normal, but heavy chalk may be a sign of problems.

What can cause Paint to chalk?
  • oil-based paint will usually chalk more than latex paint
  • using a low quality paint that is heavily pigmented
  • siding that has been coated in a factory
  • using an interior paint on an exterior surface
  • improper preparation of a porous surface
  • applying a thin, watery coating
  • not applying enough paint to adequately coat the surface
How do you repair chalking paint?
  • pressure wash and clean the surface
  • allow to thoroughly dry
  • clean and brick area of chalk