outgrown closet

Have You Outgrown Your Small Closet?

If you have outgrown your closet, there is help!  There are several options for storage, and you can even turn a spare room into a giant walk-in closet.

The first thing that you need to do is to take inventory of your items that need space.  Do you need shelves for your shoes? Storage for your sweaters? Hanging areas for dresses, pants, or shirts?  What items need space, and what type of storage do you prefer?

Here are a few measurements of how much room is needed to hang the following items:

  • long dresses – 69″
  • robes – 52″
  • dresses – 45″
  • pants (cuff hung) – 44″
  • men’s suits – 38″
  • skirts – 35″
  • women’s suites – 29″
  • blouses and shirts – 28″
  • pants (double hung) – 20″

Closet Build