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Commercial Services

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What does it mean to be a “Full Service” Contractor?  At HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING, a “Full Service” Contractor is a one stop shop for your all of residential, small business, or light commercial contracting needs.  Tell us how you see the finished product for your home or business, and we will coordinate all parties involved to make it happen.  From simple repairs to complex remodels with many moving parts, HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING provides their clients the craftsmanship and skills to complete the project.

Do you want a more efficient or updated bathroom? Do you need an updated bathroom or shower? Are you looking to add a deck for grilling and entertaining? No matter what type of residential project you have in mind, we can help with planning, design, material selection, and pricing options.

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Below are some of our services:


Thinking about updating your Bathroom or Powder Room?  From complete bathroom remodels, changing your bathroom paint color, adding wallpaper, adding tile, custom cabinets, installing a shower door, and upgrading your tub or shower,  just tell us your ideas and HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING will transform your Bathroom!


Thinking about updating your Kitchen?  From complete kitchen remodels, changing your kitchen paint color, adding wallpaper, adding a backsplash and tile, custom cabinets, upgrading your appliances, and adding granite countertops,  just tell us your ideas and HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING will transform your Kitchen!

Wallcovering / Wallpaper

residential wallpaper, wallcovering

Wallcoverings and wallpapers can be used to dramatically transform any room.  Regular wallpaper provides tons of design, print, color, and pattern options.  Wallpaper also gives different texture options. When it comes to wallcoverings, you have even more options: vinyl, fabric, stone, wood, photos, tile, hand painted murals, etc.  Let your imagination run wild! If you have been told it cannot be done, call HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING.


Do you have an existing deck that just needs to be cleaned, stained, or sealed?  Does your deck need minor repairs or updating?  Are you thinking of installing a new deck, but not sure what type of deck will be best for your home?  HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING can help!  We can provide you with options for your deck and your budget.

Interior Painting

Does the interior of your home need a fresh coat of paint?  Do rooms need a color change?  Are you thinking about selling your home and need to update your walls to more neutral colors?  Do you have walls in need of repair?  What about your ceilings? Are you ready to change the popcorn texture on your ceiling? Do you need ceiling repairs from a water leak? HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING can do more than just paint your walls!  We can also help with paint type, color selection, and any repairs needed prior to painting.  From drywall repairs, simple wall patch repairs, popcorn ceiling removal, and simple painting, HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING is your Full Service Contractor!

Exterior Painting

Does the exterior of your home need a fresh coat of paint?  Is the exterior of your home vinyl siding that just needs to be properly cleaned?   Does your home have a wooden exterior that needs repairs and paint?  Thinking about white washing the brick exterior of your home?  HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING can do more than just paint the exterior of your home!  From pressure washing, wood rot removal and repair, painting or staining your wooden exterior,and other exterior home repairs, HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING is your Full Service Contractor!

Custom Cabinets

our services custom cabinets

We can provide custom cabinets and cabinet refacing for your kitchen, bathroom, or any room in your home.  Contact HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING today for your custom cabinet or cabinet refacing needs!


hardwood floors, flooring

From wood floors, tile, parquet floors, epoxy floors, we can help with your flooring needs.  Contact HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING with your flooring questions!

Commercial Services

Digital Print Mural

HCG Contractor 1-800-Painting also provides specialty services for business and light commercial needs.  Vinyl wallcovering installation, digital print mural installation, dry erase wallcoverings, specialty painting, and small custom remodels.  Contact HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING for your business or office needs.

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