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walnut hardwood floors

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Bathroom Tile Floor

bathroom tile floor

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The right flooring can add value to your home, change the look of a room, and make a room easier to clean. When deciding to change the floors in a particular room, you need to consider what that room is for and what type of floors will best suit the purpose of the room. Also, think about how the following might damage the floor:

  • high traffic
  • moisture and humidity
  • dirt
  • pets
  • appliances
  • normal wear and tear

When thinking about your floors, there are many different design options to consider:

  • Hardwood – natural wood floors allow many different color and style choices for your home. With the stain variations available, you can change the color of your wood floors. They can also be very expensive, depending on the type of wood selected. If you have existing wood floors, they may be able to be sanded and refinished.
  • Engineered Hardwood – certain types can be more durable, humidity tolerant, and better for the environment than regular hardwood floors. They can sometimes cost as much as natural hardwood floors
  • Bamboo – mostly moisture resistant and very environmentally friendly. It is said to be softer that other hardwood materials and can be easier to walk on for those with joint problems. Bamboo is also said to help with noise reduction. It can be very expensive, and known to scratch and ding due to the brittle nature of the bamboo.
  • Laminate Flooring – the most cost effective option for a hardwood look. Although easy to clean and semi-durable, when an area is damaged it most often will require the entire floor to be replaced.
  • Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring – these are the most budget friendly options, and can come in rolls or squares for installation
  • Carpeting – comes in a variety of styles, colors, and thickness options. Installation of carpet can be relatively quick. For those with allergies, carpet can sometimes be a bad flooring choice because dust can get trapped in the fibers. It can also be difficult to keep clean in high traffic areas and areas with pets.
  • Tile Flooring – this is the most durable and easiest to clean of all of the flooring options. With tile, there are numerous material variations and price ranges depending on the selection. Tile can be ceramic, natural stone, marble, porcelain,terra cotta, and concrete. Like with hardwood floors, the area where the tile is to be installed and the purpose of the room need to be considered when selecting the right type of tile for your home.

Tell us your flooring ideas, and HCG Contractor 1-800-PAINTING can give you the best flooring options that fit your budget.

(See our projects page for examples of our completed floors!)

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Wood Floor Refinishing

wood floor refinishing and cabinets, flooring

Marble Tile in Shower

custom marble porcelain shower bathroom, flooring

Tile Patterns

custom built wooden lockers, tile flooring

Kitchen Tile

kitchen countertop replacement, kitchen remodeling, tile flooring

Bathroom Tile Floor

bathroom tile flooring

Hardwood Stairs

Hardwood Stairs, flooring

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