Paint Problems – Blistering

Paint Problems - Blistering
What is blistering?

This is the name for bubbles that are caused when the paint looses adhesion and begins to lift from the substrate.

What can cause blistering in paint?
  • applying paint in direct sunlight
  • applying paint to a hot surface
  • moisture from an interior source that migrates to the exterior and causes the paint to rise from the surface
  • applying an oil-based paint to a damp or wet surface
  • applying an alkyd paint to a damp or wet surface
  • damp basements
  • lack of surface preparation before applying a latex paint
  • improper ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms
  • exposing freshly applied latex paint to dew, high humidity, moisture, or rain
  • exterior wall leaks
How do you repair paint that is blistering?

Unfortunately, the only way to repair paint that is blistering is to remove the old paint.  After the paint is removed, the source of the moisture will need to be found and repaired.  Proper ventilation may need to be installed to prevent future moisture problems.  The substrate under the paint will need to be cleaned and allowed to dry before any new primer or finish paint can be applied.

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