Planning for your Kitchen Island – Questions to Ask

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Planning for your Kitchen Island – Questions to Ask

Kitchen islands are a great functional feature that can also serve as an informal dining and conversation area.  It can be designed to provide a sitting area for family and guests for entertaining while cooking.

When planning and designing your perfect island, here are some items to think about and questions to ask:

  • How will the island fit your families needs?
  • How will the island fit with your entertaining needs?
  • How much eating space will you add to the island?
  • Do you need additional storage space?
  • Do you need a food prep station?
  • What type of cooktop will be installed?  What type of hood is needed? Where is the best placement for the hood?
  • Is a sink needed on your island?
  • How much countertop space is needed?
  • How many electrical outlets are needed?
  • How many shelves are needed and what will they be used for?
  • What is the knee space height?
  • What is the seating capacity and what type of seating will be used?
  • Do you have young children or planning a family in the future?  You many want to consider radius corners on your island.
  • What type of material will be used for your island countertop?
  • How much lighting do you need over your island and what type?
  • Where is the placement for the kitchen island to give the best access to cabinets, appliances, sink, and table?  Think about your kitchen working space like a triangle.
  • What is the optimal height for your island?
  • Will your base be an enclosed cabinet base? Do you need drawers?
  • Will your base be a more open design with large shelves for large pots and pans?

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