dining room wallcovering


Project Description

Client:   Residential Client
Location:   Charlotte NC
Surface Area: Dining Room Walls

dining room wallcovering install:

Installation of Damask print wallcovering to Dining Room walls above the chair rail molding for local client in Charlotte NC.

Traditional Dining Rooms often have walls covered by fabric or wallpaper. Some more formal dining rooms contained murals above the chair rail, either by painting murals on the walls or with hand painted wallcovering.

Damask is a design that is dated to the Middle Ages and was seen as a symbol of luxury. They are therefore seen in hallways and formal dining rooms. The Damask style and pattern can likewise be seen in upholstered furniture and draperies. They can be textured with flocked velvet and metallic patterns, with the chandelier damask being a popular pattern.

Patterns are used to dress up a room and give the room a formal feel. A bold pattern often becomes the focal point of a room and will be used to decide the overall color scheme of the room. Like in this dining room wallcovering patterns installed above the chair rail help to keep a pattern from overpowering a room.

What can wallpaper do for a room?

  • highlighting architectural features by using a border and wallpaper pattern with vertical lines
  • disguise unwelcome architectural defects or help to camouflage imperfections in walls
  • define a geometric theme by using a striped pattern
  • harmoniously link rooms by using a border that contains colors used in other rooms
  • bold stripes can be used to visually “shrink” a room
  • softer shades and small patterns can be used to make a room look larger
  • use pattern placement and subtle colors to give a casual feel to a room
  • using wallpaper on a ceiling can make the ceiling appear lower

Examples of Damask Patterns