walnut hardwood floors


Project Description

Client:   Residential Client
Location:   Stanley NC
Surface Area: Interior Floors

walnut hardwood floors:

Removed existing carpet and vinyl flooring throughout home. Installed new walnut hardwood flooring to floors and stairs for local residential client in Stanley NC.

What type of flooring should you choose? Depending on where the flooring will be installed and if the area is high traffic, there are several factors involved in choosing the right flooring for your home.

  • hardwood – known to be very versatile, floor color can be changed by staining, can be refinished to extend the life of the floors, installation and maintenance can be expensive
  • engineered hardwood – known to be durable, can tolerate humidity, material costs can be the same as regular hardwoods but installation costs can be cheaper
  • bamboo and cork – moisture resistant, eco-friendly, softer than other hardwood floors, materials and upkeep can be expensive

Flooring Options