wood floor refinishing and cabinets

Project Description

Client:   Local Residential Client
Location:   Charlotte NC
Surface Area: Kitchen

Wood Floor Refinishing and Cabinets:

Refinished floors in Kitchen.  Repainted cabinets to update look of Kitchen for local client in Charlotte NC

When updating your kitchen on a budget, you can:

  • paint the walls, woodwork, and cabinets
  • refinish wood floors
  • update light fixtures
  • change cabinet hardware and knobs

When to refinish:

  • if you are on a tight budget, refinishing may be the way to go to get rid of marks and scratches. Refinishing your wood floors is usually about half the cost of replacement
  • how old are your wood floors? If your floors are newer or still in good shape except for surface marks and scratches, refinishing may be worth a try
  • what type of wood floors do you have? If they are quality wood, you may want to think about refinishing. If you have an older home with existing hardwoods or if you purchased an older home and found hardwoods when pulling up old carpet, think about refinishing first. Many older hardwood floors that have been neglected over time transform to beautiful floors when refinished!

When to replace:

  • if your floors have extensive water damage
  • if the floors are no longer structurally sound
  • if the floors have been refinished numerous times over the years and are starting to become thin from sanding

Inexpensive Ideas